eBook FAQ


This page is the one to read if you have encountered an issue with receiving your purchase download(s). Don’t see the answer to your issue? No problem. Drop me an email at shopATbaggagereclaim.co.uk (replace 'AT' with @) and your issue can be quickly resolved.

There are three quick things that you can check right now if your issue is that you have not received your ebook. These three questions cover more than 90% of issues about non-receipt of ebooks.

  1. Is the email address that you used on the purchase spelt correctly? If there’s a typo, the download email along with the receipt cannot be emailed to you.
  2. Is the email address you’re expecting receipt of the download the one you used for the purchase? Sometimes when purchasing, for example, through PayPal, email addresses are changed partway through purchase.
  3. Have you checked your junk folder or done a global search of your email? Providers like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, have more than one inbox, and this affects where emails land. Also, depending on the settings of the device you’re viewing your emails on, you might not see the other folders unless you look on, for example, your laptop. Yes, I know–frustrating!

Important! If you open a dispute with PayPal after purchasing an eBook, it will be assumed that you want a refund, which will stop you from downloading the book. This is to prevent fraud. Please ensure that you haven’t requested the eBook via email without disclosing that you’ve opened the dispute. Details of these attempts are passed to PayPal.

I’ve paid but I haven’t received an email with the download link.

If you’ve paid with cleared funds, please check your spam folder. If it’s not in your spam folder and at least 5-10 minutes have passed since purchase, please email shop AT baggagereclaim.co.uk, and you will receive a new link within 24 hours (or 48 hours if it's the weekend. Please note that the shop is UK-based so take into account the time (it’s GMT/BST).

If you haven’t paid with cleared funds, you won’t receive your purchase until the payment clears.

If for example you use PayPal but you didn’t have sufficient funds in your account, it will make the payment with your bank account or credit card that you have attached as backup funds to your account. How long it takes to clear is dependent on your bank – contact your local PayPal for further queries. Some credit cards also have a clearing period with PayPal. If you feel that this is in error, you should contact your credit card company directly.

Help! I can’t download it to my iPhone/iPad!

Something people often do with digital products is think they've downloaded when they might actually be viewing the item in their browser. In other instances, they have downloaded the item to their device but don't realise this or know where to look. Your device likely has a 'files' or 'downloads' folder/section/app where you can locate anything you've downloaded to the device. 


If you are having problems downloading on a mobile device, you either need to download the files to your PC/Mac and then email them to your phone, or put the files into something like Dropbox, Box, iBooks, or Goodreader (great apps). Or, if you are not in a position to send them to your phone/iPad from a computer, email shop AT baggagereclaim.co.uk to request the files.

My download link has expired. Does this mean I can’t read the book (or access the audio) anymore?

If you have been reading the book, it means you have been reading a downloaded local copy on your computer (or in an app in your device unless you’ve been reading straight off the link in your email. You have not been reading it on the internet. This means the file is on your Mac/PC/device somewhere. Normally the default location for downloads will depend on your settings.

If you search for the file through Finder (Mac) or Windows Explorer (PC), you will locate the file.

If you are inclined to lose files, when you’re in, for example, Adobe Reader or Preview, do File, then Save As and save it to your desktop (or wherever you find it easy to locate your files). Or save it into an app like Dropbox, etc., where they’re essentially available from wherever you access Dropbox. Or, save into other apps like Apple Books, etc.

My download link has expired and I haven’t had a chance to download it yet/there was an error. Help!

No problem. Please email shop AT baggagereclaim.co.uk and a new link will be issued. Note that the software used to dispatch download links does perceive any and all clicks on the link as a download attempt hence why it will expire if you tend to click a few times when you go to download something.

I was printing it out and went back and the link had expired.

You are not printing from or reading on the internet; you are printing from a downloaded file on your computer hence the file is there for you to print whenever you feel like it. Try to do a search. If you didn’t save it somewhere specific, it’s possible that it’s in your temp or download folder. If all else fails, email shop AT baggagereclaim.co.uk and a new link will be issued.

Why does the link expire?

For security reasons that help to prevent fraud and malicious downloading and distribution. Getting a new link is as simple as sending an email to shop AT baggagereclaim.co.uk.

I got an error while downloading.

Please email shop AT baggagereclaim.co.uk and a new link will be issued or the files will be sent via email.

What can I read the ebooks on?

You can read them on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and basically any phones, eReaders and mobile devices compatible with PDFs, which should be pretty much everything.

If your purchase includes an ePub file, this opens in apps like Apple's Books and the Kindle app. ePubs are specifically formatted for mobile apps and when you click on the download link, your device should offer you options of which app to open it in. 

What program can I open the files with on my PC or Mac?

Typically it tends to be Adobe Reader or Apple's Preview– you basically need a PDF reader. Microsoft Word is not appropriate. Please note that individual download links, so a link to one item, will be for either a PDF or ePub file.

I requested an email for book files but it hasn’t come through.

File/download link requests are typically responded to within 24-48 hours. Please check your spam folder and also ensure that there isn’t a limit on file size if you have requested for the files to be sent by email.

Please note that I’m based in the UK so please factor that in if you’re emailing me at the equivalent of my nighttime as I will be asleep! I generally respond within 24 hours – weekends may take a little longer.

If you are a Comcast customer, please add shop AT baggagereclaim DOT co DOT uk to your address book as Comcast have a tendency to block a lot of stuff. Either way, email if it hasn’t come through and we can investigate.

Are there any Baggage Reclaim discount codes?

Codes are available at certain times and for certain promos with the bulk going to newsletter subscribers and students/members.

Use the email address that is specified throughout this page shop AT baggagereclaim.co.uk. Please don’t post comments on other pages either as it delays resolution of the issue getting your issue resolved.